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January 6, 2010

Hunger In America

Hunger is a worldwide problem that never goes away and should be more curable now than ever before. I heard that 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger. How can that be? This is the wealthiest nation on the planet where you could live and dine like a king from dumpsters!  The answer is in going back to our roots to what we know and that is growing our own food. Sharing food and the things we produce with our neighbors and theirs with us. It’s about community, doing the simple basic things that each and every one of us need and helping each other. It’s about taking care of ourselves and those we know. Watch the 31 second video:

Can we each consider what we can do so that no one is hungry because they are without food? Plant an herb, a tomato plant, a patch of greens in your yard. Share them with your friends and neighbors. Save seeds and share them too! Get some chickens. That’s how it used to be!

I love this excerpt from a cookbook in my collection, The New Glorious American Food by Christopher Idone, talking about life in the late 1700’s when the whole country was still wilderness and mostly unsettled, “The frontier folk were a poor lot who managed to get by with little … but a young visiting Frenchman, Francios Michaux, recorded that there was not “a single family without milk, butter, salted or dried meats and Indian corn generally in the house”.” America was founded as an agrarian society as all people have been through most of human history.  While we can’t stop progress, but we can preserve what’s too important to try to change!