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January 4, 2010

What’s for breakfast?

I must admit, I don’t really like breakfast, or is it breakfast food? I don’t get far in the day with just cereals or a bagel. And breakfast meats with nitrates just isn’t going to be good enough for me any more either. I like eggs and there is lot you can do with them, but it just seems there needs to be more. I need to do some work on the subject of breakfast and develop some recipes that are something to look forward to making and eating first thing in the morning. My chef trained daughter suggested I look into breakfast foods of other cultures. When I was in Mexico once, I noticed the fresh fruit and juice at breakfast every day really added something I realized I’d been missing all my life. But I don’t like the sweet stuff. Except on special occasions I’ll do something like make beignets, french donuts like the Cafe Du MondeĀ in New Orleans, or Pecan Waffles. That’s what I’ll make today, with fresh organic oranges on the side!