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February 1, 2011


When I was a little girl, I didn’t like salad … green salad … they had raw tomatoes! I didn’t know much about food and it never occured to me I could make it the way I wanted it with only the things that I liked. There were not many ingredeint choices like the mega salad bars of today and I had no idea there was a variety of salad fixin’s beyond lettuce, cucumber, green onion, radish and tomato. I don’t recall ever eating any kind of raw vegetable unless it was in my mothers Potato Salad. Though also called “salad”, I viewed it as distinctly different and still did not make the connection, probably becuse I didn’t see any lettuce or tomato! Green salad just had NO appeal to me. I think the only kind of lettuce I ever saw was Iceberg! I can remember the produce department with my mother and looking for lettuces. All there was was in a big pile of big heads of iceberg lettuces. The first time I saw romaine lettuce I was suprised to think of lettuce as being leaves! I remember Iceberg lettuce had either no taste or a kinda bitter one. It has not changed. It made no sense to me why someone would even want to eat it! Still doesn’t. I have heard it has little nutirents, unlike its very green leafy cousins, the leaf lettuces. When I was about 13, I discovered that if you put enough salad dressing on the icky salad, it was fairly tolerable. As I got older and realized it is importnt to eat salads and raw foods, I was happy I had gotten over the initial hurdle of repulsion and could at least eat one, even though it was mainly just a place to put the dressing that was all I really wanted. By my late teens I began to discover that nuts and seeds were good in salad, along with sprouts, cheese, boiled eggs and maybe even some meat. Salad took on a whole new appeal. It could be a whole meal and when I began eating as a vegetarian, it often did! Now, I am an omnivore. I eat like a vegetarian mostly, with meat a few times a week for protein and sometimes just because I like it, but the main food I try to eat every day now, with all kinds of raw veges, fruits, nuts and seeds, either with or without tomatoes and my own homemade dressings, is salad!

June 10, 2010

Did Target miss the mark?

I guess I applaud Target for starting to sell food in their stores. But somehow, to me, it is not a pleasant or familiar food shopping type environment. Something about it is just uncomfortable. Everything fresh, with the exception of a small partial aisle of bins in the produce area of apple, potatoes, etc…, but everything else, is in plastic, in refrigerated glass front coolers. They don’t exactly make the food convenient either, even though it is all convenience foods, because you have to walk all the way across the store from the doors, through many aisles of merchandise to the back side wall of the store to even find the food section. They do have “fresh” meat and produce, but since it comes to the store packaged in plastic, then stacked in those coolers, I have to wonder, how fresh is it really? Then there is aisle after aisle of boxed, bagged and canned goods, the common menagerie of processed foods so many people today rely on for their main food source. Odd how they call them “goods”, when I am wondering if they are in fact “bads”. I did buy a couple of lemons there one day and they got moldy in about 2 days, faster than from most other places I buy “fresh” produce. So again, how fresh is it? Even though I am surrounded by food I feel the same as if I were in the electronics or clothing department. I don’t think it is something I can get past. Success may be more than location, it may ultimately come down to what is being offered. There is just nothing about the food shopping experience in Target that feels right or comfortable to me. Sorry Target, nothing personal … but maybe that’s it, it just feels cold and impersonal, not a happy inviting place with live foods that will sustain healthy life!

October 23, 2009

Who makes real food anymore

Today I’m in Tampa with my daughter in the hospital. I wasn’t able to go anywhere else for food and had to get dinner in the cafeteria. The cafeteria appears to actually be a salad bar, drink fountains, dessert case and a few common restaurant food chain counters such as Saborro, Subway and the old traditional cafeteria of Morrison’s. I was surprised to find it like that and not just one big regular cafeteria with a kitchen where all the food is actually cooked from scratch like in some big hospitals I’ve been to. I decided on the Morrison’s fried chicken, because it looked the best of several not so good-looking choices. I got what looked like fresh steamed broccoli. I kinda wanted the mashed potatoes and decided to ask the  server if they were made from real potatoes. It is unfortunate I have to even ask that question, but I find myself doing it all the time now. Not surprisingly, she shook her head and said “no, they’re instant”. I got the macaroni and cheese. It was not any good either and not even the Morrison’s mac and cheese I knew and loved from childhood though I know it’s bad for me food. The server then asked if I wanted cheese on my broccoli as she held the spoon over an orangish brown sauce. I asked if it was real cheese. She just looked at me and shook her head no. I said “no thanks” and took my styrofoam box plate. As I was leaving I spoke to a woman who was standing there, looking at the food considering getting it. I said “you’re old enough to remember the kind of food we grew up on that was real home-made food?”. She said “yes, but with everyone working all the time, no one has time to cook anymore”. I told her that this was true. And I told her about the mashed potatoes. We talked about it being fast food and how that’s all everyone seems to eat anymore and it’s a reason we have so much obesity and health problems in our country.  Then I realized the workers in the restaurants and food places were working all the time too, but they were working making food, so why couldn’t they make the food the real way since that was their job anyway? She just smiled and said “you’ll never be able to do it, but good luck”. I’ve thought about it all day and it is a good question. Since we don’t have time to cook anymore and have to rely on our food being prepared in the restaurants by people whose job it is to cook our food, why aren’t they actually cooking the food with ingredients? Why are the restaurants serving us the instant, boxed, bagged, canned and frozen foods we could get in the grocery store and go home and microwave for ourselves?

October 14, 2009

Hello world!

I have to begin by dedicating this blog to my children, granddaughter and all of the children, especially those who cannot speak for themselves and have to eat only what is given to them. Bless their hearts and the food they eat. May we always remember the importance of the food we eat, from the field or farm to our plate, grow what we can and take the time to lovingly prepare it ourselves and share it with those we love.