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June 10, 2010

Did Target miss the mark?

I guess I applaud Target for starting to sell food in their stores. But somehow, to me, it is not a pleasant or familiar food shopping type environment. Something about it is just uncomfortable. Everything fresh, with the exception of a small partial aisle of bins in the produce area of apple, potatoes, etc…, but everything else, is in plastic, in refrigerated glass front coolers. They don’t exactly make the food convenient either, even though it is all convenience foods, because you have to walk all the way across the store from the doors, through many aisles of merchandise to the back side wall of the store to even find the food section. They do have “fresh” meat and produce, but since it comes to the store packaged in plastic, then stacked in those coolers, I have to wonder, how fresh is it really? Then there is aisle after aisle of boxed, bagged and canned goods, the common menagerie of processed foods so many people today rely on for their main food source. Odd how they call them “goods”, when I am wondering if they are in fact “bads”. I did buy a couple of lemons there one day and they got moldy in about 2 days, faster than from most other places I buy “fresh” produce. So again, how fresh is it? Even though I am surrounded by food I feel the same as if I were in the electronics or clothing department. I don’t think it is something I can get past. Success may be more than location, it may ultimately come down to what is being offered. There is just nothing about the food shopping experience in Target that feels right or comfortable to me.¬†Sorry Target, nothing personal … but maybe that’s it, it just feels cold and impersonal, not a happy inviting place with live foods that will sustain healthy life!