The Foodist

The Foodist

Hi, my name is Beth. I have had a lifelong relationship with food. I was raised in the deep south along the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida. All of my family memories involve lots of cooking in the kitchen and  everyone gathering around tables of good food! My mama and her mama cooked everything from scratch from recipes in their head or the ones they treasured and collected in their special recipe boxes. I have raised four children and have one grandchild now. I cooked for them all, fresh whole foods from scratch, just as my mama did for me. I grew up before all the jarred baby foods we have today, luckily, and my mama taught me to feed my children the way she knew and had fed me. While my children were young I wondered why I did all that hard work in the kitchen. I had a garden, made my own yogurt and butter and actually baked all my own bread for a while. I even ground the flour sometimes! I have  some definite ideas about cooking and some foods, for example cornbread, never, and I mean never ever has flour or sugar in it. And it’s made with buttermilk! For a few years after the children were about grown and I had to join the ranks of career women who have no time to cook. I tried some of the new fangled food, but was disappointed and cooked like I always had when there was time. My children all developed a love of real, homemade food and their cooking rivals my own now. I am proud to say my son can make gumbo and biscuits as good, if not better sometimes than my own. My mama would be proud too! For a while now I have considered myself a foodie like so many others. Then I began to realize I may take food a bit further than some, if not most. I love food and love to cook. That is not always enough for me. I want to know about the food. Where it comes from, where it has been on it ‘s way to me, and what it does inside my body. I am interested in food far beyond just, “what’s for dinner” or I want it homemade, fresh from scratch. Right now, I just realized tonight, I have seven different kinds of chocolate in my house, from U.S. chocolate to chocolate from Belgium, France, and Venezuela! I have six different kinds of salt ranging in color from an orange one to black, with a grey and pink one in between. I have twelve different kinds of sweetener and am looking for one more! This is not really normal to most folks, but it seems so to me. I have hundreds of cookbooks and thousands of recipes and I like to read them all. I read food magazines and dream up new food creations all the time for fun. I photograph the food I make and food that I order in restaurants even. I like to travel just for the food and the souvenirs I bring home are mostly edible. For this reason, I have begun to think of myself as more than just a foodie, but rather a “foodist”! I thought I had made the term up, but it turns out I am not the only one. According to an article I found online the difference is that foodists are “bona fide food fans — those who read food books, travel to food destinations, and taste obsessively”. They “could refer to themselves as “foodists,” as intense Star Trek fans go not by “trekkies” but “trekkers”. If that’s it, then I am a foodist! A title I am proud of and will do my best to live up to. I hope you find something to inspire you on these pages I write and get you into the kitchen, cooking and wanting to get to know everything about the food that will become you!!! Because, “If you are what you eat, you only want the good stuff!”

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