Food is Love!

I just had a revelation! It’s actually been simmering around in my head for a while and it just began to show signs of something recognizable. Food is Love! Food is literally the physical manifestation of love for the universe. It is so true! Every living thing has to “eat” in order to survive and it is a drive more powerful that any other, rivaling sex or reproduction, but we usually eat first! After food, love is what humans really all crave and desire most in our hearts, like being hungry for food is what we desire most in our bodies. In our daily life we all have an ongoing quest for food. It’s like breathing, we have to do it. It is not something we can stop. But we don’t get excited and want to share our air. We don’t put any effort into making air or breathing at all, it is there and we just do it. But we prepare food for ourselves and for those we care about and love every day. We grow gardens to provided food for those we care about and love including ourselves. We work to get money to buy our food, either by going out to eat or to have a house to store it in with a kitchen to prepare and enjoy it. We invite others to eat and share our food with us because we love them and enjoy spending the quality time unique to a table full of good foods. Family gatherings and special occasions in all cultures are centered around wonderful, aromatic, delicacies usually prepared lovingly by the family members who make each dish special. We offer food on our altars, love offerings they are sometimes called, in almost all of humans religious faiths. When someone dies, we take food to the family to show our love and concern for them. We grow or buy, prepare and eat food because we love ourselves, our bodies are hungry and if we are conscientious eaters we try to eat food that is most nourishing to keep us healthy. Food and love go hand in hand. We give chocolate on our lovers holidays and special occasions. We eat cake at our weddings and special events. We refer to our favorite foods as comfort foods and we reserve them for special times or when we need something to help make us feel better. We celebrate and remember those we love by cooking their favorite dishes. With food we give and receive love. In addition to providing us with our necessary nutrition, food just simply makes us happy. There is no denying it, we love it ♥


2 Comments to “Food is Love!”

  1. Can’t agree more. So many lessons in food and cooking have to do with love….that’s what our new blog is about

  2. Thanks! and I will check out your blog too. Happy to have you as neighbors in food!

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