New Year Resolutions

For the new year I decided to make a resolution to finish the project I started a few years ago. I had been inspired by a young friend who had no idea how to cook food for herself and her husband. She came to my house all the time, watched me cook and ate with us. One day she asked me if I would teach her how to cook because it cost them so much money to buy all their food out all the time. I bought her a red and white checked Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and wrote out a couple of basic recipes I had made for dinner that she liked and away she went. She began to make her own food instead of eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and was amazed at how much money she saved. Her husband was very happy and they were able to afford for him to go back to school even. She now has 4 children and happily prepares all there own food except when they want to eat out.  I recently watched the movie, Julie and Julia, and was inspired by the idea of her cooking her way through the cookbook. I decided what I need to do instead is cook my way to the cookbook! So every day, to the best of my ability, I will write and cook at least one recipe for my cookbook. I’ve created many in the last couple of years with some of my best created in this last year. I am excited to share them and hope I can convey how to prepare the wonderful dishes we make here at home. I will so by best and report on my progress. From time to time, I will share a recipe and would appreciate feed back. Please let me know how you like the food and if the recipe was clear and easy to follow. I haven’t decided what to make tomorrow. I like to plan my dishes and meals by what I find available and fresh each day I can shop. I believe the ideal is to shop for fresh food every day, but know we have to by ahead often with our busy schedules. I will try to keep this in mind with each recipe because it’s just more fun to cook if its not too complicated and the main point is to enjoy the preparation of delicious food that can then be enjoyed for our health and happiness. That is my goal, for my children and friends who always love my food and ask me how to make the things they like best and everyone who appreciates real good food, to share what I know about food. Home made doesn’t mean inferior, quite to the contrary, you will pleasantly find that you can dine on finer fare made at home in your own kitchen then some  of the finest restaurants in the country. I know, I do it all the time!

With this in mind, I created another blog devoted to the book:


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